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2016 – Generations Hall, New Orleans

Info will be posted soon.

2015 – Chicago, Park West

The 2015 event in Chicago was memorable and met with rave reviews. There were over 750 attendees and over 50 musicians. Thanks to the help of our patrons and sponsors, WCF donated $34,000 to the following Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) charities:

  • WEF SYPC – Service Project: $5,000
  • Water For People: $4,000
  • Global H2O: $7,500
  • World Water Relief: $4,000Ecoloodi: $1,500
  • Engineers Without Borders: $4,000
  • Kids Connection Haiti: $4,000
  • Charity Water: $4,000

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Water Charities Fundraising 2015 Financial Statement

Water Charities Fundraising 2016 Tax Return

2014 – New Orleans, House of Blues

The Jammin’4Water event in Chicago was a huge success! We were able to raise thousands of dollars for non-profits while having a great time. We would like to thank all the musicians, the sponsors, the Water Charities Fundraising Board of Directors, and all the support staff and attendees.

View all of the photos from the event.

View the video of the 2014 event

2013 – Chicago

The Saturday night before the 2013 WEFTEC in Chicago the first official event occurred. Musicians, friends, family, sponsors, WEFTEC attendees and WEF SYPC filled the room to the 120 person capacity. Musicians also donated to the charity to secure a stage spot – and the rights to perform and produce their bucket-list music before an enthusiastic audience. Some songs were solo; others were truly a jam session with a full stage. “In addition to supporting water charities, the garage band sensation excited both young and old WEF professionals alike. It was WEF meets Woodstock in a very positive groove” said Dave Kinnear.

2012 – Los Angeles

Musicians inevitably find other like-minds and talents with which to play. In today’s world – apps and websites more frequently bring musicians together; so does WEF. WEF Members networking about water quality expanded their focus in 2011 to enjoy a side helping of musical fellowship and charity fundraising. That first year, dozen WEFTEC attendee musicians gathered at Diego Rosso’s studio in Los Angeles. That early “word of mouth” session conceived the popular and fast-growing water industry related musical collaboration and charity event: Jammin’4 Water.